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Digital Shelf Cafe

The Digital Shelf Playbook: Create a Customized Roadmap to Meet Your Growth Goals

Introducing the Digital Shelf Maturity Curve. Learn the common milestones that global brands set to improve product visibility, sales, and market share on the digital shelf. Apply these multi-year strategies to realize your own growth goals.


Building and maintaining a fully optimized digital shelf takes years and requires collaboration across multiple areas of your business. Learn about the maturity stages most brand manufacturers go through on the journeys to own a category and grow market share online. 

Join Joe Gaudreau and Lauren Livak from the Salsify Commerce Strategy team to discuss common scenarios brands face when undertaking digital shelf initiatives. Learn how to access your own digital shelf maturity and build a customized roadmap to meet your next set of objectives. 

You will learn how to: 

  • Benchmark your company against other common digital shelf milestones; 
  • Identity focus areas and responsibilities in key areas of your business; 
  • Adopt best practices to overcome roadblocks and build on progressive wins; and 
  • Unify your organization with shared goals and measurements to scale your digital shelf strategy and drive efficiency.