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    The DSI proudly partners with thought leaders across the industry to provide you with valuable insights and data that will help you achieve digital shelf excellence.

    Find a showcase of partner content that includes insight into global future ecommerce trends. Get tips for thriving on Amazon. Discover examples of how to use artificial intelligence (AI) for your business and so much more.

    Instacart Benchmarks & Insights Report

    Redefining Retail: Crafting Your Journey Towards a Perfect Store Strategy

    Q2 2024 Allume Insider Report (AIR)

    eCommerce Benchmarks & Insights for Multichannel Personal Care Brands

    eCommerce Benchmarks & Insights for Multichannel Grocery Brands

    Inflation and Commerce Marketing Report 2024: How to Reduce Costs and Drive Profitability

    Q4 2023 Allume Insider Report (AIR)

    Deloitte Digital's AI Survey

    Q3 2023 Ecommerce Insider Quarterly (EIQ) Report

    Q3 2022 eCommerce Insider Quarterly (EIQ) Report

    In It To Win It

    Three Investments to Drive Ecommerce Growth

    The Future Shopper Report 2022

    Allume Group EIQ Report Q1 2023

    Allume Group EIQ Report Q2 2023

    The Future Shopper Report 2023

    Deloitte Digital's latest research forecasts generative AI’s transformation of content marketing

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