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    Why the DSI?

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    Why Should I Become a DSI Member?

    The mission of the Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) is to shape the future of the commerce industry and contribute to its growth through community, content, and education.

    In the digital age, manufacturers have more opportunities to control their commerce destiny than ever before. Taking advantage of those opportunities requires new strategies, agile operations, new partnerships, and continuous improvement in every channel, both online and off. This community was created to bring an ecosystem of experiences together to share ideas, outcomes, and strategies that will drive revenue in the years ahead.

    Becoming a member of the DSI can help you unlock career growth, drive organizational improvement, and foster industry advancement through collaborative leadership and problem-solving.

    Benefits of Becoming a DSI Member

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    Career Growth

    Network with professionals facing similar problems and develop as a leader through conversation and content collaboration.

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    Organizational Improvement

    Access best practices, benchmarks, and frameworks that will help advance your company's success on the digital shelf.

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    Industry Advancement

    Identify and contribute to solving complex problems facing commerce to drive cross-industry success.

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    Membership is free — but you’ll gain access to exclusive member-only content, a thriving community space, and other insightful resources.

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    “Becoming a member of DSI has helped me lead Barcel’s entry into the digital commerce channel. I’ve been able to build a network of others in the space for networking and learning, as well as share our journey.”

    Colette Richards
    Director of Alternative Sales and Distribution, Barcel USA

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    Join a robust community of digital leaders across multiple verticals including CPG, food & beverage, personal care, durables and many more.
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    Become a Digital Shelf Leader

    You might be asking, what is the digital shelf?

    When a shopper engages with your brand or retail store through a digital touch point, such as an online store or shopping app, they’re interacting with the digital shelf.

    Shoppers engage with brands and retailers — and discover, research, and buy new products — all on the digital shelf.

    These channels include:

    • Retail Sites
    • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Sites
    • Third-Party (3P) Marketplaces
    • Shopping Apps
    • Social Commerce

    The DSI offers you the latest actionable insights and industry thought leadership to help guide and uplevel your strategy to become a digital shelf leader.

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    Become a member of the DSI community, and access thought leadership from digital shelf leaders.


    Why Did We Create the DSI?

    Salsify founded the Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) to create a community for content and conversation around successful strategies for leaders in the commerce industry, regardless of the software tools they employ.

    The DSI brings together brand and retailer ecommerce leaders and experts from across the industry to contribute content and help drive the DSI’s initiatives.

    Membership is open to anyone — Salsify customer or not.

    By signing up for the Digital Shelf Institute, you consent to the Community Terms of Use.