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Digital Shelf Decoded: How To Drive Omnichannel Growth by Understanding Each Commerce Touch Point

There’s a lot of talk about bridging the gap between the digital shelf and the physical shelf — especially at the Digital Shelf Institute (DSI). Consumers access a full range of touch points and want a seamless experience. But, this experience can be very challenging to deliver. Most of the time, you have experts in ecommerce or brick-and-mortar — but not both. The future is omnichannel, and to be successful, the entire organization must understand both brick-and-mortar and ecommerce selling.

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What Is Your Digital Shelf Maturity?

Learn how to improve your efficiency, scale your business, and grow your sales. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands to develop a commerce experience management strategy for their digital shelf.

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This Digital Shelf Institute report will help your team close that knowledge gap by providing common vocabulary and shared understanding so that all teams can work together, achieve success, and grow your business. With limited budgets, you must invest in the right strategies, regardless of channel.

  • Ensure your channel strategies are connected and aligned;

  • Provide consumers with the same product experience everywhere; and

  • Diagnose where to focus your efforts to fuel growth.


Value for Digital and Brick and Mortar Teams

For experts in brick and mortar: Use this report to understand how to collaborate better with your ecommerce colleagues and gain insight into why they might be asking for more content or retailer-specific tactics.

For experts in digital: Use this report to explain to your brick-and-mortar colleagues the complexities of the digital shelf and how a strong digital shelf presence helps drive in-store sales.

For those trying to bridge the gap between brick and mortar and digital: Use this report as a discussion tool about where to focus your budget and resources to grow together as a business and prioritize channels.


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Digital Shelf Decoded: How to Drive Omnichannel Growth by Understanding Each Commerce Touch Point

Join us for a live discussion with Johnson & Johnson, Danone, and The Stanley Black and Decker Company of our recent report, “Digital Shelf Decoded: How To Drive Omnichannel Growth by Understanding Each Commerce Touch Point.”