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    Digital Shelf Decoded:

    How to Drive Omnichannel Growth by Understanding Each Commerce Touch Point





    How do you bridge the gap between the digital and the physical shelves for consumers who want a seamless shopping experience across a full range of touch points?

    This poses a huge challenge when experts lack experience in both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar. If you want to be successful, your entire organization must understand the importance of driving an omnichannel strategy.

    Enjoy a lively discussion with Johnson & Johnson, Danone, and The Stanley Black and Decker Company of our report, “Digital Shelf Decoded: How To Drive Omnichannel Growth by Understanding Each Commerce Touch Point.”


    You will learn:

    • A breakdown of each section of the report;

    • Examples of how to use the report to bridge the gap between your ecommerce and brick-and-mortar teams; and

    • Highlights of specific elements in each section that help to drive an omnichannel strategy in your organization.


    Value for Digital and Brick and Mortar Teams

    For experts in brick and mortar: Use this report to understand how to collaborate better with your ecommerce colleagues and gain insight into why they might be asking for more content or retailer-specific tactics.

    For experts in digital: Use this report to explain to your brick-and-mortar colleagues the complexities of the digital shelf and how a strong digital shelf presence helps drive in-store sales.

    For those trying to bridge the gap between brick and mortar and digital: Use this report as a discussion tool about where to focus your budget and resources to grow together as a business and prioritize channels.

    Lauren Livak

    Director | Digital Shelf Institute

    Matt Fantazier

    Head of Consumer Growth & Performance | Johnson & Johnson

    Jennifer Angelus

    Director, Digital Shelf Capabilities | Danone

    Dean McElwee

    Director, International Ecommerce Strategy | The Stanley Black and Decker Company