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"Really appreciate the sense of community...I love building grounding relationships with a group of similar leaders who can help to make one another better and act
as sounding boards"
Don Brett
cdo, nbg home
“The DSI is a unique group of people, and I'm honored
 to be a member"
Yves Le Breton

The DSI Exec Forum is an independent, invitation-only, community platform for Digital Shelf Executives of leading brands.

Our mission is to drive innovation, education and mentorship for the digital shelf while creating a strong peer group and community whose members support each other throughout their lives and careers.

Unlike the many “expert talks” available through webinars and roundtables – this forum is centered around candid advice and specific conversations by those who are actually living the reality of digital commerce transformation in their own organizations. The power of this forum is in its ability to deliver practical, candid advice from the front lines of Digital Commerce.




Key Tenets of the DSI Exec Forumlinegradient-1

Giving Back • Asking for Help • Candor • Confidentiality • Connectionlinegradient-1   

“The DSI exec forum calls have been engaging and the guidance through killer questions really enhances the conversation.”

-Nadja Koerner, VP Digital Marketing COTY

"The DSI exec forum calls have been great! Really enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing the wealth of experienced executives in the panel. Thank you for extending the invite.”

-Rachel Tetrault VP eComm Ferrero

"The DSI is a must-attend forum that is bringing tremendous value to the marketing community."

-Jessie Dawes, VP Marketing and Digital Media, Shiseido

“You are nailing it, in terms of lining up speakers and generating conversations”

-Margaret Jastrebski, Co-Founder, Table XI

Kate Huyett
“Quality on these has been really good!... the presentations have been great”


The Origins of the DSI Exec Forum

What started as a series of “ad hoc” events/experiments including a design thinking workshop, Amazon Fulfillment center tour and a Soho Future Retail tour has turned into a thriving virtual community of seventy-something Digital Shelf executives who meet twice a month in 2 non-competitive cohorts to explore topics/issues related to the future of the digital shelf. The forum is free for all members and does not currently accept sponsorships to retain neutrality. Salsify is a facilitator of the conversation, but does not ever present on its own product. The conversations are much broader reaching than the platform itself.