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D2C Series

Driving ‘Direct-To-Consumer’ Sales with Online Marketplaces (3P)

Learn how suppliers and brands are quickly achieving their D2C goals and generating ecommerce sales with 3P online marketplaces.


Brand manufacturers are increasingly leveraging third-party (3P) online marketplaces to exert brand control, expand sales channels, and test and learn what it means to manage a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand.

The summer content series from The Digital Shelf Institute (DSI), The D2C Strategy Playbook, features a wide range of sessions covering the most important considerations for brands looking to optimize or launch D2C channels.

In this upcoming session, ecommerce expert Jamie Dooley will present a road map for how digital commerce leaders can map, execute, and scale successful marketplace strategies. Dooley is the current digital practice partner at The Partnering Group (TPG) and former ecommerce and merchandising leader at Keurig Dr Pepper, Dorel Juvenile, Wayfair, and Target.

You'll take away:           

  • Insights into why 3P online marketplaces deliver results most D2C sites will never achieve;
  • Key strategic differences between 3P online marketplaces and D2C sites;
  • How online marketplaces can fix online brand experience on Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers;
  • Case studies of successful brands who managed hybrid 1P/3P relationships with top retail customers; and
  • Actionable next steps for brands looking to launch an online marketplace in 2020 — including timelines and resources.