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Omnichannel Series

The Full Revenue Impact of Retailer Ad Platforms

Learn how to calculate the full revenue impact of your retailer ad investments. DSI Executive Forum founder Molly Schonthal and ecommerce expert Chris Perry will present insights from dozens of digital shelf executives and a new calculator for the value of retail media spend.


The total value of retail media spend is difficult for many executives to calculate because of its cross-functional nature. Retailer ad investment often sits between marketing and sales organizations. Without the true answer, brands underinvest in retailer ad spend and sacrifice growth across both online and offline channels. 

A new study from the Digital Shelf Institute will help you calculate the right answers for your organization. Join us for a webinar introducing the findings on Jan. 5 at 1 p.m. ET. 

In this webinar, Molly Schonthal and Chris Perry of the Digital Shelf Institute will provide a framework generated through insights from dozens of digital shelf executives at large brands. They will discuss how factors, including online and offline sales revenue and partner and media value, can impact spend prioritization.

The new DSI study, and its associated calculator, will offer you a new and more comprehensive way to look at the full revenue impact of the digital shelf.

You'll take away:

  • How to calculate the full impact of your retailer ad initiatives across multiple departments — with a framework that will provide the justification you need to support investment;
  • How some of the leading brands think about retailer media influence on other areas of digital commerce, such as social validation and CPA; and
  • Where large brands traditionally fail when it comes to retailer media, and where challenger brands are succeeding.


  • Peter Crosby, Executive Director, Digital Shelf Institute
  • Chris Perry, Co-Founder, firstmovr
  • Molly Schonthal, Founder, Digital Shelf Institute Executive Forum
Omnichannel Series

How to Use the Ad Impact Calculator