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    Omnichannel Series

    How to Transition to a Digital-First Omnichannel Organization

    Join Chris Parsons, president of the Americas for the Mayborn Group as he shares with Rob Gonzalez and Peter Crosby of the Digital Shelf Institute the ways in which his organization is demolishing silos and reshaping itself for the new digital-first consumer journey.


    In the past two years at global baby brand Mayborn Group, what it means to be a truly omnichannel brand has been evolving quickly. Ecommerce sales are growing dramatically. Retailer partners are demanding more investments. D2C initiatives are testing and scaling. Turns out, that means that virtually every core element of how a modern omnichannel brand works needs to be rethought.


    You’ll take away:

    • The importance of blending the traditional understanding of Mayborn’s business operations with their digital operations
    • How the merger of Mayborn’s marketing and ecommerce teams improved omnichannel performance 
    • How to meet the constant challenge of deploying resources most effectively to maximize value and returns
    • Why a digital-first omnichannel brand must rethink P&Ls, cost structures, and investment strategies to remain competitive



    • Chris Parsons, President of the Americas for the Mayborn Group
    • Rob Gonzalez, Salsify co-Founder and CMO
    • Peter Crosby, VP of Corporate Marketing Salsify