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D2C Series

How to Use Fulfillment and Logistics as a Strategic Ecommerce Weapon

Learn the ins and outs of distribution and fulfillment for D2C and marketplaces with John LeBaron, CRO at Pattern, and Zech Hintz, president of Borderless Distribution.


There’s more to fulfillment than just moving boxes. Learn how to use fulfillment and logistics (F&L) as a strategic weapon within the direct-to-consumer (D2C) world and your marketplace channels. 

Hear from John LeBaron, chief revenue officer at global commerce company Pattern, and Zech Hintz, president of Borderless Distribution. LeBaron and Hintz will provide solutions and insights around optimizing cost-savings, the importance of fast shipping and going international, and other vital F&L questions. They’ll also discuss next steps for brands and their vision for the future of distribution.

You'll learn: 

  • Common misconceptions about F&L;
  • How to use F&L as a strategic weapon on D2C sites and marketplaces; and
  • How to optimize for cost-savings and minimize the impact of returns.