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'Next Normal'
Guide to the Digital Shelf

Commerce leaders are experiencing the best of times and the worst of times. A pandemic that has driven digital commerce to the top of every brand’s priority list and areas of growth. Paired, however, with a pandemic-driven recession that will take some time to work out. Simultaneously, the commerce opportunities offered by direct connections to the consumer such as marketplaces, brand sites, and social commerce have expanded a brands’ control over its destiny while demanding a whole new set of people, process, and tech to take advantage of the opportunity.

Here’s a primer for these times. A series of in-depth conversations and content that we hope will inspire and inform your journey into this new era of Digital-First Omnichannel. Engage with it, and tell us what you need to know next.

Next Normal Guide to the Digital Shelf
Chapter 1

What of the ‘New’ Normal Will Last Through the ‘Next’ Normal?

As brands continue to adapt to COVID-19, gain expert insights on what will last into this “next normal” phase of the industry.

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Guide to the Digital Shelf
Chapter 2

Meet Customers on the Digital Path to Purchase to Drive CPG Sales Amid COVID-19

Learn why the growth of online grocery amid COVID-19 has forced CPG brands to rethink the path to purchase for their customers.

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Guide to the Digital Shelf
chapter 3

Advertising, Marketing, and Content Strategies for the ‘Next Normal’

Our experts share their ecommerce strategies for advertising, marketing, and content amid COVID-19.

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Guide to the digital shelf
chapter 4

How to Leverage D2C Channels During the ‘Next Normal’

Gain expert insights on leveraging direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels to navigate this “next normal” of ecommerce.

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Guide to the Digital Shelf
ON-Demand Webinar

Accelerating the Move to Digital for B2B

Learn why the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced many buyers online, further accelerating Amazon's presence on B2B channels.

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Guide to the Digital Shelf
chapter 6

Executive Case Studies for Leveraging the Voice of the Customer

Learn how leaders at ShurTech Brands, the parent company of Duck Tape, and Mondelēz lead amid COVID-19 in these case studies.

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Guide to the Digital Shelf
chapter 7

The Path Ahead for Reigniting Demand in the Post-Pandemic ‘Next Normal’

Gain expert insights for reigniting demand post-pandemic, including the Kantar Signaling Framework.

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