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    Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) Education Courses

    We partnered with Chris Perry, chief learning officer and co-founder of firstmovr and Andrea Leigh founder and CEO of the Allume Group to create six free courses for DSI members. Education courses were the top-requested resource from our member community.

    Ecommerce Marketplaces: An Orientation

    Allume Group
    Explore the nuances of ecommerce marketplaces, with Amazon as a prime example, and review the critical differences between ecommerce marketplaces and value-added retailers.

    Creating a Cross-Marketplace Ecommerce Strategy

    Allume Group
    Review the critical differences between the major ecommerce marketplaces, the factors to consider when building strategies, and common missteps. Discover the tried-and-true strategies to maximize success across all ecommerce marketplaces.

    Retailer Partnership and Negotiation

    Allume Group
    Discover the tips and tricks needed to drive successful negotiations with Amazon. Through the FIRM Framework, explore an easy-to-follow methodology to help you prepare, negotiate, and close a mutually beneficial annual vendor negotiation.

    Mutual Profitability

    Learn about the latest and primary pressures of retail profitability and how both manufacturers and retailers look at success.

    Metrics That Matter

    What metrics do you need to think about when looking at success on the digital shelf? This course will dive into what those metrics are, where to find them, and how to build them into your strategy.

    Launching New Products Online

    What are the strategies for jumpstarting online sales and setting the right expectations for new products? Dive into the new product development process for online products and what to consider.

    How To Take Our Ecommerce Education Courses

    Our DSI courses are hosted through Skilljar, offering an exceptional experience and the ability to track your status.

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