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Omnichannel Series

The Content Advantage in Amazon Advertising

To survive and thrive in our “new normal,” you need a way to more efficiently use your ad dollars to win ad auctions and stand out to consumers, especially on Amazon. Focusing on driving quality content deeper into your product catalog can help your products outperform those with lower quality content, driving greater ad spend efficiency. This is because even marginal content improvements can significantly reduce your cost-per-conversion to win Amazon sponsored product ad auctions.


Join Peter Crosby, executive director of the Digital Shelf Institute, and Mike Black, CMO of Profitero, in this webinar to discuss best practices and tips for creating, scaling, and monitoring excellent Amazon ad content.

You’ll learn why better ad content improves: 

  • Conversion rates: A-rated content on Amazon had 21 times more conversions than F-rated content.
  • Search engine results page (SERP) rank: A-rated content appears 5% higher in sponsored rank search results than B-rated content.
  • Sales funnel metrics: When broken out by price tier, better content shines in improving ad spend efficiency.


Peter Crosby, Executive Director, Digital Shelf Institute

SJ Petteruti, Principal GTM Strategist, Salsify

Mike Black, CMO, Profitero