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D2C Series

Why Post-Purchase Customer Experiences Are the Killer App of the 2020s

Join Bob Land, VP of customer experience at baby brand Dorel Juvenile, who will outline how he made customer service a core part of his digital commerce strategy.


It's no longer enough for brand manufacturers and retailers to exceed customer expectations at the point of purchase. It's actually what happens post-purchase that determines if a brand is still relevant in five years.

Customer service teams are often overlooked, short-staffed, and under-budgeted but are essential for a brand's longevity and success. And these teams are roaring back to claim their rightful place in the consumer buying journey.

You’ll take away:

  • How Dorel Juvenile (truly, really, honestly) monetized its contact center and created a $1 million-plus assisted sales channel;
  • How incentivized agents can sell without being sales-y;
  • Evidence that the recent work-from-home push spurred by COVID-19 is driving remote agent programs and sun-never-sets global coverage; and
  • How contact center databases are the new marketing databases in the world, according to consumer data platforms (CDPs).