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D2C Series

Your Path to D2C Success: How to Develop Agile and Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

Modern consumers are complex, multichannel shoppers, leading many brand manufacturers to ask the critical question: How do direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands successfully reach consumers across the entire funnel — across all channels? The key: Agile and omnichannel strategies.


Join Ricky Busby, director of ecommerce and website content strategy at pulp and paper manufacturer Georgia Pacific, and Kerry Curran, managing director at performance marketing agency Catalyst, to learn how to plot your path for D2C success.

Busby and Curran will walk you through how to be just as nimble as your customers, so you can quickly build brand awareness and drive customer acquisition in the current dynamic landscape. Busby will also share his experience leading the charge to launch a D2C strategy alongside traditional retailer channel strategy. They'll also address the importance of a testing mentality, sharing tips for disciplined experimentation, including why and how to define clear and testable hypotheses, measurable KPIs, and more.

You'll learn how to maximize D2C business growth by:

- Planning for success from the ground-up and top-down;
- Fueling the full funnel within marketing and activation strategy; 
- Facing common D2C challenges to fuel continued growth; and
- Embracing the "unknowns" of a testing-and-learn mentality.