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The DSI produces periodic deep dives on trends and areas of opportunity.

DSI Vizit Guide: Image Best Practices Across eCommerce Retailers

Image Best Practices Across eCommerce Retailers

Read this AI-powered analysis and comparison of visual content across Amazon, Target, and Walmart within men’s razors, herbal teas, and convertible car seat categories. The guide walks through image best practices and highlights the most effective image content and visual trends across audiences and retailers.

DSI Strately 2023 Report How Brands Do Retail media

How Brands ‘Do’ Retail Media

Retail media has transformed the way brands approach their strategies and how they operate as a business. Brands are working hard to create effective strategies that meet modern retail media standards, while effectively measuring, implementing, and executing them into their businesses.

Building Resilience: Brand Strategies for Success in the Evolving European Consumer Landscape

Building Resilience: Brand Strategies for Success in the Evolving European Consumer Landscape

The Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) partnered with Steffan Willis from Interpretive Economics to analyze the economic climate in Europe and outline strategies brands can leverage to navigate this period of uncertainty.

DSI-Report-Disrupted Retail Medias Impact on Organizational Design

Disrupted: Retail Media's Impact on Organizational Design

The Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) partnered with WARC Digital to interview digital leaders across the industry to better understand how they are shifting their organization and strategies to meet the needs of the changing consumer landscape.


Retail Media Search Strategy Overview

The Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) partnered with Flywheel Digital to break down some of the key elements of search and how to build a strategy for your organization. view now
Navigating the new normal

Navigating the New Normal

Rising inflation. Shaky consumer confidence. Radically and rapidly shifting shopping habits. It’s no wonder many are asking a critical question: What comes next? With all this uncertainty, the way consumers shop is continuously changing. The Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) partnered with Steffan Willis from Interpretive Economics to break down the economic climate and strategies to survive a recession.

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What's Next for the PDP?

We are often asked what’s the "next thing" a brand should prioritize on the PDP to win on the digital shelf. But “what’s next” for one manufacturer is not what will work best for another, because the competition for each category drives the creative investments it takes to win.

P&L Pressure_Page_01
Report & Webinar

P&Ls Under Pressure

Profit & Loss (P&L) Statements are under pressure for both manufacturers and retailers and there must be a focus on what levers to pull to increase profitability

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DSI Guide - Digital Shelf Decoded Cover_Page_01

Digital Shelf Decoded

There’s a lot of talk about bridging the gap between the digital shelf and the physical shelf — especially at the Digital Shelf Institute (DSI). Most of the time, you have experts in ecommerce or brick-and-mortar — but not both. The future is omnichannel, and to be successful, the entire organization must understand both brick-and-mortar and ecommerce selling. We partnered with three brands to build a translation guide to help you do just that.

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Pages from Digital Shelf Framework (Salsify & Profitero)

The DSI Member’s Framework for Digital Shelf Performance

We partnered with Profitero, a leading ecommerce analytics platform, to create “The DSI Member’s Framework for Digital Shelf Performance,” an inventory of frequently used key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks for brand manufacturers at each stage of digital shelf maturity.

Executive Insights - the Primary Drivers of Ecommerce Profitability Across the Digital Shelf
Report: DSI & bobsled marketing

Executive Insights: The Primary Drivers of Ecommerce Profitability Across the Digital Shelf

In the old world, where ecommerce often comprised less than 15% of a company’s sales, improving the profitability of online channels wasn’t a priority. But as companies see the proportion of ecommerce sales increase dramatically, the urgency has arrived. This report provides insights into what drives profitability in ecommerce and how we can improve it.

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Impact Spread
Report & Calculator

The Full Revenue Impact of Retailer Ad Platforms

With increasing pressure on the performance of the digital shelf, retailer ad spend is increasing. But retailer ad investment often sits between marketing and sales organizations — making the total business value hard to calculate in cross-functional terms.

The new DSI study and calculator outlines a new framework for calculating the full revenue impact of retail media spend.

Developed using insights and anonymized data from dozens of ecommerce and digital leaders at some of the largest brands, these tools will answer the question: What is the total value of my retail media spend?

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The 202X Recession charts
Insights Report

The 202X Recession: Economic Insights Report for Brands

How does the COVID-19 recession compare to the Great Recession, the financial crisis that lasted from December 2007 until June 2009, and what lessons can brand manufacturers learn from it to adapt their current responses?

This report will look at the economic impact of COVID-19, outline its similarities with the Great Recession, and break down the lessons that can be applied to move forward successfully.

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research report

Lessons for Established Brands: How D2C upstarts are transforming CPG

This research report from the Digital Shelf Institute compiles data from hundreds of VC investments to unpack the scale and scope of the investments, and to highlight use cases demonstrating how those investments are being used to upend entire categories in CPG

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