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Digital Shelf Maturity Curve

Brands must continuously adapt on the digital shelf to grow sales and market share. Succeeding at the scale and speed required demands unprecedented levels of automation and cross-functional communication — and no organization can tackle it all in a single initiative. Digital shelf maturity is a multi-step, multi-year process involving various areas of your business.

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Shift to Total Growth Accountability - Executive Explainer1
Executive Explainer

Shift to Total Growth Accountability

Total growth accountability is a set of new practices that allows brands to achieve success in digital commerce. Learn more in our executive explainer.

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Executive Insights - the Primary Drivers of Ecommerce Profitability Across the Digital Shelf
Report: DSI & bobsled marketing

Executive Insights: The Primary Drivers of Ecommerce Profitability Across the Digital Shelf

In the old world, where ecommerce often comprised less than 15% of a company’s sales, improving the profitability of online channels wasn’t a priority. But as companies see the proportion of ecommerce sales increase dramatically, the urgency has arrived. This report provides insights into what drives profitability in ecommerce and how we can improve it.

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Impact Spread
Report & Calculator

The Full Revenue Impact of Retailer Ad Platforms

With increasing pressure on the performance of the digital shelf, retailer ad spend is increasing. But retailer ad investment often sits between marketing and sales organizations — making the total business value hard to calculate in cross-functional terms.

The new DSI study and calculator outlines a new framework for calculating the full revenue impact of retail media spend.

Developed using insights and anonymized data from dozens of ecommerce and digital leaders at some of the largest brands, these tools will answer the question: What is the total value of my retail media spend?

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The 202X Recession charts
Insights Report

The 202X Recession: Economic Insights Report for Brands

How does the COVID-19 recession compare to the Great Recession, the financial crisis that lasted from December 2007 until June 2009, and what lessons can brand manufacturers learn from it to adapt their current responses?

This report will look at the economic impact of COVID-19, outline its similarities with the Great Recession, and break down the lessons that can be applied to move forward successfully.

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research report

Lessons for Established Brands: How D2C upstarts are transforming CPG

This research report from the Digital Shelf Institute compiles data from hundreds of VC investments to unpack the scale and scope of the investments, and to highlight use cases demonstrating how those investments are being used to upend entire categories in CPG

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