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DSI Strategy Series Collection

Digital Shelf Playbook: Strategies to Make Your Brand a Market Leader

Winning on the digital shelf requires multi-year commitment and change across your organization. The goal is to deliver a full-optimized, compelling and relevant shopping experience everywhere your customers look for your products.

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The 'Next Normal' Guide to the Digital Shelf

Commerce leaders are experiencing the best of times and the worst of times. A pandemic that has driven digital commerce to the top of every brand’s priority list and areas of growth. Paired, however, with a pandemic-driven recession that will take some time to work out. Simultaneously, the commerce opportunities offered by direct connections to the consumer such as marketplaces, brand sites, and social commerce have expanded a brands’ control over its destiny while demanding a whole new set of people, process, and tech to take advantage of the opportunity.

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The Digital-First Omnichannel Strategy Series

The current isolation of many physical shelves has led to a 5-year acceleration of the digital shelf in the omnichannel experience. Brands must make strategic shifts in organization, skills, and agility to drive the commerce experiences and revenue in this new digital-first omnichannel era.  Join the DSI in a series of content and conversations with brand executives and thought leaders about how to evolve your organization, partnerships, and tech to deliver the best commerce experience anywhere and everywhere you need to be.

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D2C Strategy Playbook Series

The ability for brands to connect directly with their consumers and buyers is both a huge opportunity and complex challenge. Dive into this series of conversations and content to map your own D2C strategy.


Digital Shelf Virtual Summit Series

The series was originally planned to be presented in-person at the Digital Shelf Summit in Boston in May. Given the concern surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic  — and the increasing importance of ecommerce and delivery during this period for brands and retailers — the DSI and Salsify decided to cancel the in-person event and refocus the agenda into a series of digital experiences.

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