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Presentations and In-Person Interviews on how to drive success on the Digital Shelf

The Digital-First Omnichannel Strategy Series

The current isolation of many physical shelves has led to a 5-year acceleration of the digital shelf in the omnichannel experience. Brands must make strategic shifts in organization, skills, and agility to drive the commerce experiences and revenue in this new digital-first omnichannel era.  Join the DSI in a series of content and conversations with brand executives and thought leaders about how to evolve your organization, partnerships, and tech to deliver the best commerce experience anywhere and everywhere you need to be.

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D2C Strategy Playbook Series

The ability for brands to connect directly with their consumers and buyers is both a huge opportunity and complex challenge. Dive into this series of conversations and content to map your own D2C strategy.


Digital Shelf Virtual Summit Series

The series was originally planned to be presented in-person at the Digital Shelf Summit in Boston in May. Given the concern surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic  — and the increasing importance of ecommerce and delivery during this period for brands and retailers — the DSI and Salsify decided to cancel the in-person event and refocus the agenda into a series of digital experiences.

Digital Shelf Refresh With Accenture Interactive

Commerce has been changed for good. The recent surge in online shopping, attributed to the outbreak of COVID-19, has pushed consumers online at an astounding rate. Digital product pages have replaced brick-and-mortar shelves seemingly overnight, creating a new breed of online shoppers.

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Covid 19 - Accelerating Digital Trends

The status quo has been upended. History has shown these moments in time accelerate shifts that are already under way in society. What might have taken 10-15 years might now take 5. Your strategies should adjust to adapt to the rapidly changing role of digital experiences in our society and particularly in retail and brand manufacturing.

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Amazon Business: Accelerating the Move to Digital for Manufacturers, Brands, and Distributors

With Amazon Business expected to cross $52 billion in annual sales by 2023, the writing is on the wall for traditional business-to-business (B2B) industry players. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced many buyers online, further accelerating Amazon's presence on B2B channels.

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Is COVID-19 a Leap Forward for the Digital Shelf?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a great debate: Are we facing a pivotal moment that will meaningfully accelerate ecommerce adoption — or will the recent uptick in online shopping snap back to pre-pandemic levels once this crisis has ended?

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Gaining Control: A Holistic Approach to Channel Strategy

As shoppers continue to shift to online shopping channels at unprecedented rates, many brand manufacturers have started to reconsider their routes to market. These brands are now also leveraging sales channels that offer more control, such as marketplaces.

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How to Leverage Ratings and Reviews to Drive Sales and Build Trust

Online ratings and reviews have grown in importance over the last several years. And as consumers continue to shift to online channels amid shelter-in-place and social distancing guidelines, its impact on your bottom line will only continue to expand.Brand manufacturers must see their products through the eyes of their customers.

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Prepare to Win the Digital Shelf When Demand Returns

Brand manufacturers of "non-essential" product categories have been hit the hardest by recent retail shutdowns. For these brands, strategies must focus on staying connected to customers and preparing for the return in shopper demand once this crisis ends.

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Building Brands and Drive Sales on Emerging Ecommerce Platforms

As online sales continue to expand, shoppers are now seeking out personalized digital solutions that save them time and money. There are many tried-and-tested, brick-and-mortar promotional tactics — from weekly circular ads and coupons to multiple buys.

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Signaling a Recovery to Drive Demand

J. Walker Smith, called one of America’s leading analysts on consumer trends by Fortune magazine, shares essential insights to help brands face the ongoing demand shock with a new strategy: the four-step Kantar Signaling Framework. Learn how this framework could help brands reawaken the economy.“Demand is the problem. Signaling is the solution.”— J. Walker SmithChief Knowledge Officer, Kantar

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From Bricks to Clicks: How Brand Manufacturers Can Future-Proof Business With D2C

Whether your brand is currently thriving or surviving, brands across industries must consider how to diversify and strengthen their routes to market. A direct-to-consumer (D2C) model has shown itself to be an enormous opportunity for brand manufacturers. As shoppers continue to embrace online shopping at unprecedented rates, and a D2C model could help brand manufacturers future-proof business by giving brands direct access to customers and better control over brand and product experiences.

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